Wimbledon Church Wedding Photos | Kim & Austin

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Wimbledon Church Wedding Photos | Kim & Austin

Many congratulations to Kim & Austin, who were married at the Church of Christ The King in Wimbledon Park a couple of Saturdays ago. When I met Kim and Austin last September to chat about their wedding plans I could tell that they were a relaxed and fun couple. I had a feeling that their wedding day would be equally unfussy – and so it proved to be.

I started my coverage with the girls getting ready at their house in nearby Southfields. There was just time for a few portraits of Kim (looking fabulous!) before it was time to head off to the church.

Despite South London’s well-deserved reputation for horrible traffic and lack of parking spaces I didn’t have any problems! Austin and the guys were already at the church – looking remarkably calm and collected I must say!

Wimbledon Church Wedding Photos

As I usually do with church weddings I switched my cameras to “silent” mode for the service. I took most of my photos from the back of the nave and up in the choir loft, so as to have as little impact as possible on the ceremony, which was ably conducted by Father Anthony Plummer.

After the wedding service we gathered all the congregation at the back of the church for a big group photo – again that choir loft came in handy!

Winter wedding photos

One snag with winter weddings of course can be the weather and the lack of daylight – it was getting dark and drizzling by the time the service finished, so Father Anthony kindly allowed us to do the family group photos in the church.

Then it was another short drive to Aubaine Restaurant in Wimbledon High Street for the reception.

Here I went into “documentary” mode – taking candid photos of the couple and their guests. Usually I try to use flash as little as possible but the restaurant was quite dark so some of the time I used my flash to pop a bit more light into the scene.

Before the speeches and cake cutting, I took the opportunity to “steal” Kim and Austin from their guests for ten minutes to do some portraits of them in the small restaurant courtyard. As you’ll see from the pictures below, appealing photos can be made in pretty much any space…

Many congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Ferns – and enjoy the photos! (BTW I’ve also posted a highlights slideshow on YouTube if you’d like to watch that).

Wimbledon-church-wedding-001 Wimbledon-church-wedding-002 Wimbledon-church-wedding-003 Wimbledon-church-wedding-004 Wimbledon-church-wedding-005 Wimbledon-church-wedding-006 Wimbledon-church-wedding-007 Guests waiting for ceremony to start Catholic church Christ the King Wimbledon Wimbledon church wedding photo Wimbledon church wedding photos Wimbledon-church-wedding-011 Wimbledon-church-wedding-012 Wimbledon-church-wedding-013 Wimbledon church wedding Christ The King Wimbledon-church-wedding-015 wedding ceremony catholic church Wimbledon couple exchange rings catholic wedding ceremony Wimbledon Wimbledon-church-wedding-018 Wimbledon-church-wedding-019 Wimbledon-church-wedding-020 Wimbledon-church-wedding-021 Wimbledon-church-wedding-022 Wimbledon-church-wedding-023 Wimbledon-church-wedding-024 Wimbledon-church-wedding-025 Wimbledon-church-wedding-026 Wimbledon-church-wedding-027 Wimbledon-church-wedding-028 wedding reception speeches Aubaine restaurant Wimbledon Wimbledon-church-wedding-030 Wimbledon-church-wedding-031 Wimbledon-church-wedding-032 toast happy couple wedding reception Aubaine restaurant Wimbledon Wimbledon-church-wedding-034 Wimbledon-church-wedding-035 cake cutting bride and groom Aubaine restaurant Wimbledon Wimbledon-church-wedding-037 Wimbledon-church-wedding-038 Wimbledon-church-wedding-039 Wimbledon-church-wedding-040 Wimbledon-church-wedding-041 Wimbledon-church-wedding-042 Wimbledon-church-wedding-043 Wimbledon-church-wedding-044