The middle part of the day, from when guests gather for drinks through to the speeches, is usually the most relaxed and slow-paced part of the wedding.

That doesn’t mean I’m not busy – I usually have to organise some group photos, and also find time to get some pictures of the couple on their own, but unless the schedule is very tight I have time to wander around and get some candid photos of guests, which is a process I always enjoy.

It’s a bit like being a big-game hunter sneaking up on your prey – but rather less lethal! 🙂

I don;t shoot while everyone’s actually eating, but the rest of the time I am looking for “moments” and aiming to capture a photo of as many guests as possible.

I’m also happy to do impromptu group photos for any guests who would like them.

It’s a fun part of the day.

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