The wedding ceremony itself is of course the heart of the wedding day.

It contains many essential moments, with no chance for retakes, so presents probably the most challenging part of the day for a wedding photographer.

This is where years of experience really count – I know what to expect, where to place myself to get the shot, and what camera settings to use.

Having photographed weddings of many different denominations – Protestant, Roman Catholic, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, humanist and also civil ceremonies – I have a “road map” in my head of how each ceremony is going to unfold.

From time to time there are surprises – the best man drops the rings, or the couple get nervous and go in for the big kiss too soon – but I am alert for those as well!

I won’t deny breathing a small sigh of relief once the ceremony has been safely captured, even after more than 17 years photographing weddings!

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