Wedisson Award winning photo by Chris Mann

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Wedisson Award winning photo

Well there’s nothing like winning an award to start a new year off the right way… I was excited to get an email the other day from the organisers of the Wedisson Awards to say I had won the final round of their competition for 2015.Wedisson Award winning photo 2015 by Chris Mann

I don’t enter photo competitions very often, but it’s nice to get some recognition when I do get my act together and send something in.

I’m especially pleased that this image won. Although it’s a captured “moment”, it also involved some planning and pre-visualisation to make it happen.

The photo was taken at Ghyll Manor, shortly after the ceremony. The bride and groom were greeting their guests in the receiving line, which meant they were surrounded by people in the Manor courtyard, and space was tight.

Rather than barge my way through the crowd I switched lenses to the 135mm telephoto and looked for an opportunity. I used the two groomsmen to frame the couple, and was rewarded when the groom gave his new wife a hug.

The tender expression on his face, and the framing by the groomsmen, are what makes it special I think. I chose to convert the image to black-and-white to emphasise the composition and keep it simple.

Looking for this kind of image at a wedding is a big part of what I do. Whether it’s during the ceremony or if I’m wandering around the reception I’m constantly on the hunt for moments that set the scene, tell the story of the day, and highlight emotions.

Anyway many thanks to the Wedisson Awards for the honour, and I look forward to hopefully creating some more award-winning images in 2016!

Wedisson Award winning photo