Liz & Jonathan’s engagement shoot

Liz & Jonathan’s engagement shoot

I know I always talk about the weather when I post photos, but when you shoot outdoors most of the time as I do it’s an important topic! 🙂

Last Wednesday Liz and Jonathan came over to chat about their wedding day plans (they’re getting married at Hartsfield Manor in October) and we took the opportunity to do a quick “engagement” shoot just around the corner on Church Green here in Wonersh. I was hoping for a bit of sunshine, as there’s been some around from time to time this past week, but no such luck – in fact we had to dodge the drizzle at the beginning of our session!

But no worries, Liz and Jonathan were good sports, I have a waterproof camera, and I had brought my off-camera flash and softbox to do stand-in sun duties! So all was well…

One good thing about an overcast day is it makes it easy for those being photographed to keep their eyes open, and the light is nice and soft. Here are a few of my favourites…
























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