Even in this digital age, a printed album is still the best way to preserve and display your wedding photographs. It will last for many years, requires no technology to use, and will never become obsolete!

I offer several different styles of album. For weddings the most popular choice is a hand-crafted album using traditional bookbinding methods.

For portrait shoots, events or smaller weddings, there is also the option of a “coffee-table book” – similar to the kind of book that you would buy in a bookstore – which has lighter-weight pages and a machine-made binding.

All albums are available in a  wide variety of sizes and cover finishes.

Book-bound Matted Albums

This is a more traditional style of album, where the photographs are individually printed and mounted behind a “mat”, a card overlay with an opening for each image. Each album page may contain between one and four individual images, depending on the album size.

The mats are available in black or white as standard; other colours can be ordered on request. Sizes range from 9×9 inches to 16×16 – the most popular choices are 12×12 inches and 14×11 inches.

A wide range of genuine leather, synthetic leather or fabric cover materials is available, either as a single material or in a two-tone style.

You can add a full-size photo cover, or a photo inlay, or have your names embossed on the cover.

Book-bound Full-page Albums

Our most popular album style, these share the hand-crafted book-binding of the matted albums but have a single photo print across each double-page spread. This allows the full page area to be used for images, which permits a more flexible design, including faded background images and overlapping photos if desired.

These albums can be covered in many different materials including eco-leather, genuine leather, linen, buckram and fabric.

Other cover options include photo inlays, metallic covers, full-page photo covers, and UV printing and embossing.

Available sizes range from 6×6 inches to 18×14 inches.

NOTE: These albums come from two different suppliers depending on style, so there may be some variations in the binding from the examples shown.

"Coffee-Table" books

As a lighter, more affordable option to the albums shown above I also offer “coffee-table” books.

These are a great choice for portrait shoots, family events such as christenings or important birthdays, or if you simply prefer a smaller, lighter-weight book rather than a hand-bound album.

The pages are flexible, not board-backed as in the albums above, and the bindings are machine-made. It’s the same style of book that you might buy in a bookstore, except it’s printed specially for you.

Cover-wise, you can have an all-over photo cover, or choose from the same range of cover materials that our albums are bound in – eco-leather, real leather, linen, fabric etc.

These books are also a great choice if you’d like replicas of your main album as gifts for parents, bridesmaids etc. Discounts are available if you order a book-bound album and matching replicas at the same time.


Obviously it’s hard to judge the quality of these from website-sized photographs – please give me a call on 01483 600412 or email me to arrange an appointment to view some samples.