Destination weddings

When the British winter closes in, I’m sure quite a few couples are thinking “why don’t we skip the traditional UK wedding and jet off and get married somewhere warm?”

Not a bad idea, for sure, as long as you consider all the pros and cons.

A destination wedding can actually be a cheaper option. Usually you won’t have anything like as many guests, simply because of the expense and distance to get there. So if you prefer a more intimate event (and are confident that the key people will be willing to travel) then getting married overseas can work very well. You will be right on the spot and won’t have to stir from your deckchair to go on honeymoon!

Destination weddings – something special!

Grace Bay beach Turks and Caicos destination weddings
In many countries you can get married wherever you like – on a beach, or a mountainside, even underwater! It’s just a matter of agreeing the location with the officiant.

When I lived in Turks & Caicos we were mostly shooting weddings for people from outside the country. Typically they had around 20-30 guests. We did occasionally shoot bigger weddings with upwards of a hundred guests, but sometimes it was literally just the couple, the minister, the wedding planner, and myself. I’ve signed the register to witness countless weddings!

Destination weddings – second time around?

Destination weddings are often popular with older couples who want a quiet, low-key event. They’re also popular with those getting married second time around. The ability to get married on a secluded beach with nobody else around is often an attraction. Or it may be that you have friends and family all over the world and bringing them together in a central location makes more sense than having many of them fly long distances.

destination weddings turks and caicos beach
Even if it’s just the two of you and some close family members, a destination beach wedding can be really special.

Of course you may have to arrange the event from afar, including the minister, official paperwork, and reception arrangements, but that’s not normally too difficult. And if you want to make sure everything will be to your liking you can always fly out for a “location recce” beforehand. Or get married somewhere that you have visited previously on holiday and enjoyed.

Whatever you decide, read my destination wedding planning tips – it’s full of helpful ideas to make your special day go smoothly.

From the photographer’s point of view, shooting destination weddings can sometimes be a challenge. There are the inevitable hassles of travel to contend with, and often working in an unfamiliar location. This is why it’s important to hire a photographer who is experienced in working overseas.

I do enjoy destination weddings as there is always a buzz of excitement about the event. The guests have made an effort to be there so they really enter into the spirit of the occasion. The glamour and excitement of the location also helps make it memorable for everybody.

confetti toss destination wedding grace bay beach turks and caicos islands
Celebrating in the sunshine with close family and friends is many people’s idea of a perfect wedding day…

Travelling for a wedding overseas

Whenever I shoot a wedding outside the UK I always arrive at least a day early just in case of travel delays. I bring as much backup equipment as I can within the limits of airline baggage allowances. When I’m on a Caribbean beach having a camera break down and being without a spare is not an option…

Tropical locations (or even places just a bit further south, like France or Greece!) present their own challenges in terms of heat, humidity, and light. Having lived and worked in the Caribbean for seven years I am used to dealing with those on a daily basis.

See some more of my destination wedding photography on my blog

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