The wedding ceremony’s done, the guests have been greeted and wined and dined, and speeches made.

So what’s left? Party time!

Traditionally kicked off by the cutting of the cake and the couple’s first dance, this of course is the time of day when everybody lets their hair down.

Usually I wills et up some flashguns on tall stands in the corners of the room to add some light to the dance floor – you can see the effectiveness of that in the photos below.

The guests don’t notice my flash going off in amongst the DJ or band’s lighting, and it creates clean light when needed on people’s faces, as well as helping them to stand out from the dark background.

Lots of party photos!

I take a lot of pictures in a short space of time when the party gets started!

Not all of them are usable – it can be difficult to frame and focus on a crowded dancefloor.

But that’s not a problem. I get enough good ones to fill two or three pages in the couple’s wedding album, which is what I’m after.

And it doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve already been shooting for, I always get “second wind” when the DJ or band gets things going on the dancefloor!

It’s one of my favourite parts of the wedding day, when everyone is relaxed and having fun.

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