Chelsea Registry office wedding | Stephanie & Raj

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Chelsea Registry office wedding

Take a dash of London style, add a splash of Anglo-Indian heritage and then mix in some French joie de vivre, and you have the recipe for Stephanie and Raj’s wedding!

Their wedding was a relaxed and intimate affair with family and close friends in attendance. Stephanie’s family and friends had travelled from France and Raj’s from the UK and from India, so it was quite an eclectic gathering. Kudos to Stephanie’s parents for making an excellent speech in English!

Chelsea Registry office wedding

The ceremony took place in the Brydon Room at Chelsea Registry Office. As I usually do I took a few photos of the couple with their witnesses and immediate family in the ceremony room. Then once the formalities were over we went outside for the essential confetti toss photo on the famous steps outside – always a favourite at Chelsea!

Then it was just a short walk around the corner and up Sydney Street to the gardens next to St. Luke’s Church (where Charles Dickens was married in 1836) for some more photos. The sun was shining but there was quite a strong breeze blowing which made it a bit chilly, so we didn’t linger too long.

Reception at the Arts Club

Later on everyone gathered at the Arts Club in Mayfair for the wedding reception. Stephanie and Raj had booked the penthouse suite for their reception which also gave access to the roof terrace with views across London. The Arts Club is a very stylish building in the heart of London’s Mayfair – and to continue the Dickens connection, Charles Dickens was one of the founder members. Nowadays the Arts Club is popular with media folk and other celebrities – football player Frank Lampard and TV presenter Christine Bleakley also held their wedding reception here.

After the speeches we naturally had cake cutting and the first dance – and also a special dance performance by Raj’s two daughters which was much appreciated.

It was a lovely friendly wedding to photograph – and my best wishes to Stephanie and Raj for their future together.

Oh yes – you want to see some pictures! Here they are…

Chelsea Registry Office exterior Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-002 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-003 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-004 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-005 bride and groom meet in reception area at Chelsea Registry Office Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-007   Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-010 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-011 bride and father enter Brydon Room at Chelsea Registry Office wedding Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-013 Chelsea Registry Office wedding - couple with officiant Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-015 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-016 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-017 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-018 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-019 confetti toss on the steps outside Chelsea Registry Office wedding Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-021 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-022 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-023   Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-026  Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-028 Arts Club Mayfair London W1 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-030  Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-032 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-033 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-034 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-035 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-036 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-037 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-038 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-039 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-040 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-041 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-042 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-043  Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-045 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-046 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-047  Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-049 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-050 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-051 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-052 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-053 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-054 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-055 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-056 wedding reception at Arts Club Mayfair London W1 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-058 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-059 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-060 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-061 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-062 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-063 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-064 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-065 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-066 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-067 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-068 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-069 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-070 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-071 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-072 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-073 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-074 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-075 cake cutting wedding reception Arts Club Mayfair London W1 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-077 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-078 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-079 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-080 first dance bride and groom wedding reception Arts Club Mayfair London W1 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-086 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-087 Chelsea-registry-office-wedding-088