Southwark wedding – Two Benjamins

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Southwark wedding – Two Benjamins

Very often, the small-scale low-key weddings are some of the nicest – and that was certainly the case when these two grooms (both called Benjamin!) got married at Southwark Register Office.

Both Benjamins are from France, and they decided to get married before moving back there. Two good friends stood by them as witnesses, and a simple but moving ceremony was conducted by the Southwark registrars. After the wedding itself, we did some simple photos in the garden, and then I left them to celebrate.

Simple and quick, but still just as meaningful and nice to photograph as a big wedding with all the “bells and whistles”. Many congratulations to “Les deux Benjamins” in their new life together! Bravo messieurs!

Oh yes, and here are some photos!

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Southwark Wedding – the Two Benjamins