A family portrait session at Ocean Club, Turks and Caicos

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The Sacco family are regular visitors to Turks & Caicos (though this was the first time I had had the pleasure of shooting a family portrait session with them).

They were staying at Ocean Club East, on Grace Bay, Providenciales – we began the session about an hour before sunset, and as I usually do if the sun is bright I started with some photos in the garden area of the resort. Heading straight to the beach at that time can be hard on the eyes and everyone gets hot quickly!

Once the sun had dipped a bit lower of course we headed for the beach. 🙂

First of all here’s a slideshow movie of some of my favourite images – or scroll down if you prefer to look at stills!


Here’s the whole family in the gardens at Ocean Club:

Then we used an area of sea-grass near the Cabana Bar. For this one I spread everybody out a little for a variation on the usual “close family group” shot.

As the sun was now quite a lot lower we were able to make an image with everyone facing towards the sun.

I always like this walking on the beach photo…

I was setting up this shot when I noticed the reflection in the sunglasses…

And two photos of the kids with Dad to finish with. These were taken after sunset when the light is very soft and diffuse.

A big thank-you to the Sacco family for being fun and easy to work with!

Photo session for Brilliant, Turks & Caicos