Guildford family portrait – baby K

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Guildford family portrait baby session

Up to now I haven’t done a huge number of baby photo shoots – but if they all go as smoothly as this one did then I’m happy to take them on! I photographed baby K’s parents’ wedding a while ago, so was very pleased when they called me to arrange a photo session with their new arrival.

The weather wasn’t really warm enough to do the shoot outdoors, so I set up a mini studio in their home office. I decided to use a black background (a little unconventional perhaps) so as to remove all distractions and make the colours “pop”. I also felt it would make a nice change from the usual white “high key” background that lots of photographers use.

Baby K was very well behaved (apart from the occasional burp) and seemed very happy and relaxed in front of the camera.

The main trick with photographing babies I think is to time the session right, so that the baby is not feeling cranky because they are hungry or needing a nap. Very small babies can be photographed while asleep, but with baby K being a few months old I photographed her awake and looking alert and interested in what was going on.

“solo” and family group photos

After doing some “solo” shots with the baby I then took some with Mum and Dad and big sister individually, and of course everybody together. My aim with any portrait session is to give you a variety of images to choose from, while keeping things fun and relaxed and without taking too long!

Give me a call on 01483 600412 if you’d like to arrange a similar shoot with your family. A session usually takes less than an hour, and times can be arranged to suit your bundle of joy!

smiling baby portrait

happy baby on red rug background

laughing baby portrait

black and white baby photo serious expression
Now that’s a serious face! Or maybe she thinks I’m using the wrong settings on my camera? 😉

baby portrait looking up at Mum

baby photos lying down

baby and Mum smiling

Dad holds young baby

Mum holding young baby

Dad lifts up young baby in his arms smiling

sister with new baby portrait

family group photo with new baby

family portrait with young baby