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Ealing engagement shoot in Gunnersbury Park with Natasha & Terry

Why have an engagement shoot?

So what’s an engagement shoot all about then? Basically it’s a short portrait photo session with a couple who are getting married. There are several reasons for having one. Firstly, a pre-wedding shoot gives a couple a chance to relax in front of the camera. If the wedding day is the first time they’ve been photographed by a professional it can add unwanted pressure.

Most people don’t get professionally photographed very often and can find it a bit daunting. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about posing for photos it can show up in your wedding images, and we don’t want that. They also get to know me and how I work.

From the photographer’s point of view it’s a great opportunity for me to get to know the couple.  I find out their likes and dislikes about photography, and hopefully dispel any nervousness they may have about being in front of the camera. I try to work quickly and not fuss about adjusting poses, so that it feels natural and unforced.

Oh and I want to make some great images of them as well of course! An engagement session lets me work away from crowds and without the time-pressure of keeping to a wedding day schedule.

Ealing engagement shoot in Gunnersbury Park

I met Terry and Natasha at Gunnersbury Park, not far from their home. There were quite a few runners and dog-walkers around (it was a Saturday morning) but we managed to find some quiet locations. I was hoping for a bit more sunshine – we did get some breaks in the cloud but not as many as I would have liked! It didn’t matter too much though as I had my flash with me so could add light when needed.

Gunnersbury Park used to be the home of a branch of the Rothschild family and has some nice architecture. I would have liked to use the 17th century mansion and some of the other features as a background for my pictures. Unfortunately the buildings and staircases are closed for a major renovation project, so we had to “make do” with the park itself. Not really a problem as it turned out.

We started with some simple poses and walking shots, then as the session progressed we did some individual portraits. There are lots of shady spots, felled tree trunks, and wooded avenues around the park. So I was almost spoiled for choice in the end!

Natasha and Terry were great to work with – they relaxed very quickly and seemed quite happy in front of the camera! I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding at Kingswood Golf Club later in the year.

Anyway enough chat from me – let’s look at the photos!

if you are getting married soon and would like an engagement shoot (or even if you don’t have a date set yet) please get in touch.

Ealing engagement shoot in Gunnersbury Park