A North Carolina family at West Bay Club

I met the Weathersbee family at West Bay Club last Saturday - not perhaps the best possible weather for a photo shoot - it was overcast and grey, with not much prospect of a sunset - but I know from experience that in those conditions there is always a trade-off - no bright sun means no hard shadows, no squinting, and soft and flattering light instead! So no worries - Ella and Brooks (the two children) soon dictated the way the session was going to work - it was all about running around the resort and the beach and just having a good time!

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A family portrait session at Ocean Club, Turks and Caicos

The Sacco family are regular visitors to Turks & Caicos (though this was the first time I had had the pleasure of shooting a family portrait session with them). They were staying at Ocean Club East, on Grace Bay, Providenciales - we began the session about an hour before sunset, and as I usually do if the sun is bright I started with some photos in the garden area of the resort. Heading straight to the beach at that time can be hard on the eyes and everyone gets hot quickly!

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Two families on the beach

Last Thursday I drove down to The Veranda, one of the newest resorts on Providenciales in Turks & Caicos, to shoot a family portrait session with two families – Patricia and Nyssa and their respective kids. The kids were definitely full of beans – not really interested in sitting still while I did group photos, but that didn’t matter too much as quite often it’s the less posed shots that work out the best!

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