Leatherhead church wedding | Claire & Matthew

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Leatherhead church wedding | Claire & Matthew

A summer’s day, a happy and relaxed couple, ceremony in a pretty church in a Surrey town just a few miles from me… sounds like a plan!

Claire and Matthew were married at St. Mary & St. Nicholas Church in Leatherhead, Surrey. The church is the oldest building in Leatherhead. The present building was started in about 1150, and enlarged in later centuries. An earlier church was listed as being worth 20 shillings in Domesday Book. It seems you got more for your money in 1086!

The ceremony was ably conducted by the Rector, Rev. Graham Osborne. As always, I try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible during the service, while still capturing the important moments.  I use very quiet Fuji cameras which really help with this. No more loud click-click-click!

Photos in the churchyard

After the service the congregation enjoyed a celebratory drink and then we did the confetti photo by the west door, and family group photos in the churchyard. The secret to doing these is having a list ahead of time, and recruiting a groomsman or bridesmaid to collect people for the next photo as we go along.

Reception and photos at Tyrrell’s Wood

Once the formal photos were over and the guests had all had a chance to congratulate Claire and Matthew, they hopped into their very elegant horse-drawn carriage for the short journey to Tyrrell’s Wood.

Once Claire and Matthew had had a chance to get a glass of champagne, we wandered off to get some photos of just the two of them. it doesn’t take long to do this (roughly 20 minutes usually) but often we get some of the nicest images of the day.

Many congratulations to Claire and Matthew!

Here’s their “highlights” slideshow, and below are some selected stills.

Leatherhead church wedding stills gallery – click any thumbnail to enlarge

Leatherhead church wedding | Claire & Matthew