Elvetham Winter Wedding | Maddie & Daniel

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Elvetham Winter Wedding | Maddie & Daniel

With a winter wedding you always wonder if the weather is going to be on your side or not – fortunately for Maddie & Daniel’s special day at The Elvetham in Hampshire the temperature was an unseasonably warm 15C and the sun shone from a clear blue sky most of the time! Some clouds rolled in later on, just in time to give me a dramatic sky for some spectacular sunset pictures – quite handy that!

The Elvetham Hotel near Hook in Hampshire is a superb venue for a wedding – set in 35 acres of grounds the house is a splendid Victorian mansion with elegant rooms and a welcoming, country house feel. Maddie and Dan were such a relaxed and fun couple and their family and friends really got into the spirit of things too so it was a real pleasure to cover their wedding.


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Elvetham Winter Wedding: photos in the gardens

After the ceremony we took some photos of Maddie and Dan and their family and guests in the grounds of the Elvetham – I had the pleasure of working with my colleague Graham Nixon on this wedding, so we had it covered from all angles!

The Elvetham’s avenue of yew trees is a deservedly popular location for wedding photos, and on this occasion with the low sun lined up almost perfectly with the avenue of trees it was ideal. The ground was a bit soft underfoot so we did the confetti toss pictures on the terrace.

Elvetham-winter-wedding-0015 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0016 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0017 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0018 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0019 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0020

Maddie and Daniel’s civil ceremony took place in the Oak Room and their wedding breakfast was held in the Conservatory. In between they went for a short drive around the grounds in a classic Bullnose Morris vintage car, which was lots of fun! Dan managed to drive it successfully without crunching the gears too much – those old cars don’t have the slick modern synchronised gearboxes we take for granted nowadays…

Elvetham-winter-wedding-0021 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0022 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0023 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0024 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0025 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0026 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0027 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0028 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0029

After the meal there were of course some speeches – one snag of working in a conservatory after dark as a photographer is that there isn’t a lot of light… We considered using flash but in a fairly small space it would have been distracting and intrusive, so we shot with the light from the candles and downlighters.

Fortunately modern cameras are very sensitive but even so I had to go up to ISO 10000 which is pretty high! That’s why the speeches photos are in black and white – colour doesn’t work so well if there’s very little illumination and the light is orange. Part of my job as a wedding photographer is to decide on these trade-offs – a wedding is not a movie set, so sometimes it’s better to be unobtrusive rather than flood the scene with artificial lighting!

Elvetham-winter-wedding-0030 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0031 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0032 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0033 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0034 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0035 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0036 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0037 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0038 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0039 Elvetham-winter-wedding-0040

Elvetham Winter Wedding Photographs by Chris Mann