Top Ten First Dance Wedding songs

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Top Ten First Dance Wedding songs

The music sharing site Spotify recently analyzed over 30,000 wedding playlists to find out which were the most popular songs that couples chose for their “first dance” song.

I suspect there might be a slight US bias in their list, but I’ve certainly heard their top pick, Etta James’ “At Last” a few times, and the Michael Bublé song… 🙂 It’s always interesting to see what couples pick – for some it’s “our song”, something that was popular when they first got together, for others it’s simply a song that they can dance to!

Also the choice may be partly driven by how confident the couple feel at showing their moves on the dance floor. Some folks are clearly non-dancers and go for a quick 30-second shuffle before frantically waving for their family and friends to join them on the dance floor. Other couples have clearly put a lot of effort into learning a special choreographed routine, and they are often the ones that come up with an original choice of song.

In my experience, Latin American music seems to be the favoured choice for those that do put together a choreographed first dance – tango or salsa are especially popular.

Anyway whatever you choose, please stay out there long enough for me to get some good photographs! 🙂

Top Ten First Dance Wedding songs – Spotify’s list

Here’s the full Top Ten playlist from Spotify – did your favourite song make the list? Or have you picked something different – let me know in the comments below!