A pre-wedding shoot in Greenwich

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On Monday I got an email from friend and colleague Chanelle Segerius-Bruce asking if I’d like to help her with an “emergency” shoot – in place of another photographer friend who had damaged her ankle and wasn’t able to work the next day. Of course I said “yes”, so on Tuesday we drove to Greenwich to meet Fabia and Arief for a “pre-wedding” session.

The weather was perfect, the couple were happy, fun and cute – so a good time was had by all, as you will see!

Fabia and Arief had hoped to have the shoot in the grounds of the National Maritime Museum and Greenwich Royal Observatory, but understandably there are restrictions there on professional photography and film-making, so we had to use Greenwich Park instead – not a big deal as it turned out since we could still use the historic buildings as a backdrop!

As well as taking pictures around the Museum and Observatory we wandered into the old market in Greenwich and did a few shots there too.

As you can see from the photos, Fabia and Arief brought some changes of clothing to vary the mood a little. This kind of pre-wedding photo session is very popular with Asian couples, and I think it’s a great idea – you can dress up and have some fun, without the time constraints and pressures of the actual wedding day. Fabia and Arief are getting married in Indonesia later in the year, and although they’ll have some great photos on the day as well, they also have our images as a memento of their life in London.

Anyway, enough chat from me – here’s a slideshow and some photos! 🙂