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Brympton Somerset wedding | John & Jason

If I had to pick one word to sum up this wedding I think it would be “joyful”. Weddings are often stressful affairs – there is so much to organise ahead of the big day, and sometimes this carries over into the day itself – but John and Jason and their families and friends sailed through it all very happily, and a hugely enjoyable time was had by all.

Of course, when your wedding takes place in the splendid surroundings of Brympton House in Somerset and is ably run by Michelle and her team, it’s bound to be a pretty special day. The weather was a bit cloudy but fortunately it didn’t rain so everyone was able to enjoy the gardens.

The guys got ready in the main house and then their civil ceremony took place in the 15th Century Dower House.

Wedding photos in Brympton gardens

After the ceremony we did the group photos while the guests relaxed and chatted, and then I took Jason & John for a walk around the gardens to get some photos of just the two of them. As I think you’ll see from the pictures, this is often a very emotional moment for many couples, as it’s the first time they have had to themselves since saying “I do”, and the realisation that they are married sinks in! It’s my job to be alert for that and capture it in camera!

The wedding breakfast was held in the elegant Grand Ballroom in the house itself – after speeches and toasts the party moved to the Stables for the cutting of the cake, dancing, and as a grand finale, fireworks!

Here’s my highlights slideshow of Jason & John’s special day – click the four-headed arrow to watch it full-screen. And if you prefer just to flip through some stills, scroll down the page for a selection of those!

Brympton Somerset Wedding venue Brympton-Somerset-wedding-002 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-003 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-004 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-005 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-006 Brympton Somerset wedding ceremony in the Dower House Brympton-Somerset-wedding-008 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-009 confetti toss at Brympton country wedding Brympton Somerset wedding drinks on the lawn Brympton-Somerset-wedding-012 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-013 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-014 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-015 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-016 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-017 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-018 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-019 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-020 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-021 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-022 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-023 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-024 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-025 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-026 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-027 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-028 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-029 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-030 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-031 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-032 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-033 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-034 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-035 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-036 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-037 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-038 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-039 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-040 Brympton-Somerset-wedding-041

Brympton Somerset wedding photographs by Chris Mann