Lost Memories in the Digital World?

Everybody shoots with digital cameras these days – almost everyone has a phone with a camera in it, and usually a digital compact or SLR for capturing family events – and most professionals use digital too.

It’s convenient, efficient, flexible, and immediate – and lets you take lots more pictures than we did in the “bad old days” of film.

But what do most of us actually do with those digital files? Anything? (more…)

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New sample album

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While I’m very happy with the quality of the albums that I get from my two main suppliers, Jorgensen and GF Smith, I’m always on the lookout for something different to offer my clients, and at the SWPP show in January I came across a new range of books from Folio Albums.

I was very impressed by the quality and simplicity of their products, and decided to order a sample album from them.


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