Susie and Dan’s wedding at Gosfield Hall

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One of the joys of living in the UK is the way the weather changes – almost from minute to minute, sometimes! And even in the summer you can’t be sure if it’s going to be sunny or raining.

Susie and Dan’s wedding day looked as if it was going to be a wash-out – as I drove round the M25 to their home in Essex it was overcast and raining pretty solidly. In fact it didn’t stop raining until well after the wedding ceremony, which took place at St John’s Church in Danbury. Fortunately, as we drove to Gosfield Hall where the reception was to be held it started to clear up, and later on we even had a few rays of sunshine.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

But nobody was too worried – it was still a splendid day and Gosfield was the perfect venue, spacious and elegant; even if we couldn’t make the most of the gardens for photos as I normally would. But with a live jazz quartet, and some fireworks as the sky faded to dark blue after the wedding breakfast, everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

I did have one stressful moment when I managed to lock my car keys in the boot of my car as I was loading it up ready to drive to Gosfield – but with the help of a friendly churchwarden and a club hammer, and one broken side window later, I was able to get into the car and drive off! I won’t be doing that again, that’s for sure!

Here are a selection of my favourite shots from the day. Click on any thumbnail image to see a larger version.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography