Photo shopping cart upgrade

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Earlier today the fantastic folks at RedCart updated my website’s online photo shopping cart (accessible via “Client Area” in the menu above) to a brand new version.

The new version is not only smarter-looking and easier to use, but will also work on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, which the previous version didn’t. At the moment, you can view galleries on mobile devices but still need to use a computer to place print orders, but that may change in the future I hope.

If you’re used to the present version you will find it still works in basically the same way, but with a more user-friendly layout and some great new features such as sharing on Facebook, full-screen slideshow, better zooming to preview pictures close up, easy viewing of the set of photos you’ve selected, and more.

You can also share images with friends on Facebook (assuming you don’t mind sharing the password for the gallery).

Although I have checked the setup as much as I can, there may be the odd glitch so if you do find something that’s not working please drop me an email or call me and let me know. Shortly I’ll be adding some extra product options and help information to the cart. Again, if there’s anything you’d like to be able to order that you can’t see at the moment, get in touch and I’ll see if I can add it for you.