Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding | Safaa & Adnan

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Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding | Safaa & Adnan

My colleague Aziz Khan and I began coverage of Safaa and Adnan’s sumptuous wedding at the bride’s parent’s house in Virginia Water. We did some “getting ready” photos, some informal family groups, and some portraits of the bride in her fabulous wedding dress. I particularly wanted to get some photos of Safaa on her own as sometimes later in the wedding day there isn’t always time.

It was just a short drive from Virginia Water to the Savill Court Hotel (now the Fairmont Windsor Hotel), where the ceremony and reception were taking place. Weather-wise it was one of those “English” days when it’s a bit overcast and threatening to rain, but usually doesn’t amount to much.

(NB: since this wedding was shot, the Savill Court Hotel has changed ownership and is now being refurbished and will reopen as the Fairmont Windsor).

We were fortunate that the rain held off so that we could get some photos of the bride arriving, and then a bit later Adnan making a spectacular entrance on horseback! I’m guessing that horseback riding is not something he normally does but he carried it off very successfully.

Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding ceremony

After some welcoming drinks and snacks, the guests gathered in the Great Hall for the wedding ceremony itself.

The hotel had set up some dramatic lighting with purple uplighters around the walls – fortunately there were also some spotlights providing clean lighting on the couple and the ceremony participants.

Photos in the garden

Once everybody had had a chance to congratulate the happy couple we went outside to get some photos in the gardens. As it was such a grey day I decided to create some more interesting light using a flash on a light stand, to simulate some direct sun. Real sun is better, but you can’t always guarantee that!

During the meal we captured some photos of people chatting and then of course the speeches and the reactions to them. I really enjoy this part of the day, as I can “lurk” in the shadows and capture some really emotional moments without being noticed.

Finally, just before Safaa and Adnan left the venue, we did a quick night-time photo shoot at the front of the hotel, just to give them some slightly different posed photos.

Here’s my selection of pictures from a very happy day!

bride looks at herself in a mirror close up of wedding rings resting on rose petals Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding venue aka Savill Court Htel Bride's cavalcade of cars arrive at the Fairmont Windsor Groom arrives on horseback at Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding Dhol drummers lead in the groom at Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding prayers with imam and wedding couple at Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding ceremony in the Great Hall wedding speeches at Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding nighttime portrait of bride and groom at Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding


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Fairmont Windsor Muslim wedding | Safaa & Adnan