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Gate Street Barn is a beautiful and traditional country barn set in the Surrey countryside, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. The barn is built of oak reclaimed from trees that were felled by the infamous 1987 “hurricane”.

It’s located just south of Bramley, near Guildford in Surrey – it’s one of my favourite venues and also one of the closest!

Many couples have their reception there after a church service but the Barn is licensed for civil ceremonies for up to 130 guests, so you can do the whole thing there if you prefer. If you book Gate Street you get exclusive use of the venue, which is always a plus.

As well as the Barn there is a Bridal room with private bathroom, and accommodation for up to 14 people if the bridal party prefer to stay on site overnight. The Pheasantry or the Granary can be used for your drinks reception if the weather isn’t cooperative, or just as a quiet area. The Pheasantry is often a good location for the cake-cutting after the wedding breakfast, while the Barn is being prepared for dancing.

Jane Hutley and her team are very friendly and helpful and go out of their way to make your special day go smoothly. You can find out more on the Gate Street Barn website.

Here is a selection of my photos from a recent wedding at Gate Street Barn:

Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-001 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-002 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-003 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-004 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-005 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-006 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-007 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-008 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-009 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-010 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-011 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-012 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-013 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-014 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-015 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-016 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-017 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-018 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-019 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-020 Gate-Street-Barn-wedding-venue-Surrey-021