St Peter’s Guildford | Joseph’s Christening

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St Peter’s Guildford | Joseph’s Christening

As a bit of a change from photographing weddings, last Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing Joseph’s christening at St. Peter’s Church in Bellfields, Guildford. It was a bright (and breezy) spring day, and family and friends turned out in force to welcome Joseph to the church.

After the ceremony we went to the park just across the road for some group photos to record the special occasion. Joseph was very calm and collected throughout and wasn’t fazed at all by having water splashed on his head (nor by being photographed by me, fortunately!).

The service was ably officiated by the Rev Kirsten Rosslyn-Smith, who was very friendly and accommodating. I always try and be as quiet and discreet as I can on these occasions as I know it can be a bit distracting to have photographers around. When photographing any religious service I set my cameras to quiet mode and don’t use flash at all during the service, and try to shoot from the back as much as I can. I think it’s important to remember that photographing such events is a privilege not a right…

Anyway enough chat from me, here are some pictures!

christening-st-peters-guildford-001christening-st-peters-guildford-002Joseph and his parents at St Peter's Guildfordfamily prepare for christening servicechristening service in progress at St. Peter's Church Bellfieldsminister blesses a baby at christening servicefamily gather at the font for christeningchristening-st-peters-guildford-008christening-st-peters-guildford-009 christening-st-peters-guildford-010 minister reads blessing at font christening minister and family gather around font lady vicar holds baby at christening vicar wets baby's head Anglican christening mother kisses baby's hand after christening christening-st-peters-guildford-016 baby with parents christening ceremony christening-st-peters-guildford-018 minister hands candle to father christening ceremony christening-st-peters-guildford-020 minister leads christening service christening-st-peters-guildford-022 christening-st-peters-guildford-023 christening-st-peters-guildford-024 christening-st-peters-guildford-025 christening-st-peters-guildford-026 christening-st-peters-guildford-027 christening-st-peters-guildford-028 christening-st-peters-guildford-029 christening-st-peters-guildford-030 christening-st-peters-guildford-031 christening-st-peters-guildford-032 christening-st-peters-guildford-033 christening-st-peters-guildford-034 christening-st-peters-guildford-035 christening-st-peters-guildford-036 christening-st-peters-guildford-037 christening-st-peters-guildford-038 christening-st-peters-guildford-039 christening-st-peters-guildford-040

St Peter’s Church Bellfields Guildford