Cotswolds country wedding | Lauren & Kieron

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Cotswolds country wedding | Lauren & Kieron

There can’t be many nicer places in the world for a wedding than the English countryside on a perfect summer’s day – and that’s what Kieron and Lauren were blessed with for their wedding day.

The ceremony was at Banbury Register Office, and the reception in the grounds of parents’ house in the beautiful Cotswolds village of Marston St. Lawrence.

The weather was perfect – sunny but with a breeze so it didn’t get too hot – ideal when you are celebrating and dining al fresco in the garden. The whole day was deliberately relaxed and informal, with just close family and a few friends.

Photos in the garden

We did most of the family group photos in the grounds of the register office and then finished off the rest of the combinations on the lawn at the reception. Later, I used an avenue of trees to provide some shade for photos of Lauren and Kieron on their own – and we finished up with a spectacular sunset, as you’ll see below!

Here’s my “highlights” slideshow – and as always below are a selection of stills if you prefer to just scroll down and flick through those!


Cotswolds-wedding-001 Cotswolds-wedding-002 Cotswolds-wedding-003 Cotswolds-wedding-004 Cotswolds-wedding-005 Cotswolds-wedding-006 Cotswolds-wedding-007 Cotswolds-wedding-008 Cotswolds-wedding-009 Cotswolds country wedding signing the register Cotswolds-wedding-011 Cotswolds-wedding-012 Cotswolds-wedding-013 Cotswolds-wedding-014 Cotswolds-wedding-015 Cotswolds-wedding-016 Cotswolds-wedding-017 Cotswolds-wedding-018 Cotswolds-wedding-019 Cotswolds-wedding-020 Cotswolds-wedding-021 Cotswolds-wedding-022 Cotswolds-wedding-023 Cotswolds-wedding-024 Cotswolds-wedding-025 Cotswolds country wedding bride and groom kiss on summer's day Cotswolds-wedding-027 Cotswolds-wedding-028 Cotswolds-wedding-029 Cotswolds-wedding-030 Cotswolds-wedding-031 Cotswolds-wedding-032 Cotswolds-wedding-033 Cotswolds-wedding-034 Cotswolds-wedding-035 Cotswolds-wedding-036 Cotswolds-wedding-037 Cotswolds-wedding-038 Cotswolds-wedding-039 Cotswolds-wedding-040 Cotswolds-wedding-041 Cotswolds-wedding-042 Cotswolds-wedding-043 Cotswolds-wedding-044

Cotswolds Country Wedding Photography by Chris Mann