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Portrait session Guildford Castle | Dobson family

When one of your children moves to the other side of the world for a while it’s a big deal for most families – and Lindsay Dobson decided to seize the opportunity to have some family photos done before her daughter Robyn left for Australia. We met at the entrance to Guildford Castle gardens – one of my favourite locations for portrait sessions as regular readers of my blog will know! On a weekday morning there weren’t many people about so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

As well as the backdrop of the Norman castle keep the gardens have lots of nice locations for pictures, in the shade of the trees, the bandstand, and the stone-walled tunnel that cuts through the slope of the hill from the upper to lower gardens.

I started with some family group photos, then we did some individual pictures of everybody once they had got used to my camera! I always find that it takes a little while for people to relax in front of the camera, although I try and make it as stress-free as possible by using minimal gear. My Fuji cameras are ideal for this as they are small and quiet…

We had a beautiful sunny day so I used an off-camera flash to lift the shadows and balance the sunlight. And about 40 minutes later we had a great set of photos!family portrait session Guildford Castle by Chris Mann Photography family portrait Guildford castle Lewis Carroll trail by Chris Mann Photography family group photo Guildford Castle gardens bandstand husband and wife portraits guildford two daughters portraits guildford Guildford-family-portrait-photo-006 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-007 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-008 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-009 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-010 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-011 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-012 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-013 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-014 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-015 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-016 Guildford-family-portrait-photo-017


Guildford Castle Gardens