When editor Danielle Harvey of Your Surrey Wedding magazine contacted me to ask me to submit some images for possible use in the magazine I was happy to oblige. I didn’t think much more about it, but was happily surprised when Danielle got in touch and said that she had selected one of my images for the front cover of the magazine’s 60th issue!

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18th September 2014

Photo cart is online!

Apologies to anybody trying to view photo galleries or order prints at the moment – my shopping cart system is currently down – I am working with the cart software people and my web hosting company to sort this out.

I’m hoping it will be possible to get it back online within 24 hours, but must ask for your patience in the meantime.

Update at 21:00: the cart is now back online again – the guys at RedCart came through with their usual excellent technical support so it’s all working as it should once more.

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A bit of recognition is always nice!

A few weeks ago I was approached by the Wedding Photography Select website to feature a wedding that I have photographed as part of their “Real Weddings” series.

They also interviewed me about the way I approach photographing weddings as well.

The wedding I decided to have them show as an example was one of my favourites from last year – Harpreet and Tim’s Anglo-Sikh wedding at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Hounslow, with a civil ceremony and reception at the very elegant Syon Park. It was colourful and happy, the couple were great to work with, the venues were eye-catching, and not only that, but the sun was shining!

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26th August 2013

Photo shopping cart upgrade

Earlier today the fantastic folks at RedCart updated my website’s online photo shopping cart (accessible via “Client Area” in the menu above) to a brand new version.

The new version is not only smarter-looking and easier to use, but will also work on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, which the previous version didn’t. At the moment, you can view galleries on mobile devices but still need to use a computer to place print orders, but that may change in the future I hope.

If you’re used to the present version you will find it still works in basically the same way, but with a more user-friendly layout and some great new features such as sharing on Facebook, full-screen slideshow, better zooming to preview pictures close up, easy viewing of the set of photos you’ve selected, and more.

You can also share images with friends on Facebook (assuming you don’t mind sharing the password for the gallery).

Although I have checked the setup as much as I can, there may be the odd glitch so if you do find something that’s not working please drop me an email or call me and let me know. Shortly I’ll be adding some extra product options and help information to the cart. Again, if there’s anything you’d like to be able to order that you can’t see at the moment, get in touch and I’ll see if I can add it for you.


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I was honoured to have one of my recent wedding photos selected to be the “Image of the Day” on the new “Spare The Details” photo blog – a website that aims to bring the focus back to people pictures in wedding photography, rather than concentrating on details, cakes, decorations and table settings, as many wedding blogs seem to do.

The image that was chosen was from Nina & Ryan’s London wedding photography at the Institute of Directors in London – it’s a documentary image that shows two small boys playing on the grand staircase shortly after the wedding ceremony.

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Recently I was honoured to be included on a list of top international wedding photographers, complied by the Wedding Photography Select website.

I don’t generally put myself forward for this kind of thing (modesty forbids – though perhaps I should show off a bit more!) but they asked me if I’d like to be included, and as some of my favourite wedding photographers (people like Andrena Douglass, Jerry Ghionis, Robert Evans and Yervant) were on the list I was flattered and said yes!

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15th May 2011

New sample album

While I’m very happy with the quality of the albums that I get from my two main suppliers, Jorgensen and GF Smith, I’m always on the lookout for something different to offer my clients, and at the SWPP show in January I came across a new range of books from Folio Albums.

I was very impressed by the quality and simplicity of their products, and decided to order a sample album from them.

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27th January 2011

Queensland flood relief

I know Queensland Australia is half a world away, and we get used to seeing disasters on the TV so they don’t have so much impact any more, but when people you know are affected it brings it home how lucky we are in the UK to not be affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.

My fellow photographer Marcus Bell, one of Australia’s leading wedding and portrait photographers, has come up with a creative and original way to raise money for flood relief in Queensland.

So if you have a moment please do visit his website and maybe buy a beautiful work of art that will help raise money for those affected by the recent devastating floods in Brisbane and the surrounding area. Thank you!

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Fellow photographer Travis Hill, based near Baltimore, Maryland, is the mastermind behind a very interesting website for photographers called “The Perfect Pose” – full of hints and tips and creative ideas – and this week I was honoured to be asked to join the exclusive “club” of interviewees on the site.

I think being interviewed is way more nerve-wracking than shooting a wedding!

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On 25th August my fellow professional photographer Paul Walker from Ayr is doing a “doggie photo marathon” – aiming to photograph as many dogs as possible in a 15-hour day! What for? To raise money for the Dog’s Trust (formerly known as the National Canine Defence League), a charity that does amazing work rescuing and rehabilitating dogs.

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Every so often the members of the Digital Wedding Forum (a worldwide association of professional wedding and portrait photographers which I help to run) decide to do a “day in the life” shoot.

Essentially what this means is that people go out and take pictures on a designated day, to give a glimpse of their everyday lives or some aspect of the locale in which they live…

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21st April 2010

Volcanoes and travel…

Well it’s been an interesting week hasn’t it?

Ever since the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted (I cheated too and copied and pasted the name) and closed down European airspace I’ve been checking the news to see if it would disrupt my journey back to the UK next week.

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The Photography Parlour blog is always an interesting read, with hints and tips from professional photographers in different parts of the world.

This week it was my turn – I was honoured to be interviewed for the blog, talking about how I cope with shooting in bright light.

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19th March 2010

Preparing for the move

Busy planning my move back to the UK and the start of Chris Mann Photography as an independent studio… lots to get organized (including this website and blog).

My flight is booked – arriving on Thursday 29th April, so I think we can call May 1st my official start date!

It will be sad to leave Turks & Caicos after working with my brother and the Tropical Imaging team for the past seven years – but it’s going to be exciting to be doing my own thing – even if the weather isn’t going to be as nice! But no worries, we can still do some fun things with the nice soft light you get on a cloudy British afternoon!

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