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Brocket Hall wedding photography

Great people, a great venue, and… typical English weather – well two out of three isn’t bad! It didn’t actually rain on Katy & Dean’s wedding day, but it was that classic English mix of overcast skies with a hint of sunshine here and there. The couple would probably prefer wall-to-wall sunshine of course, but from a photographer’s point of view a softer day is not necessarily a bad thing. It means people don’t get hot and sticky, and aren’t dazzled by the sun.

My day started with the guys getting ready (and the obligatory swift pint in the pub), while my colleague Steve Shipman was with the bride and her family. We all came together for the service at Our Lady of Lourdes’ Church in Harpenden. To quote the best man’s speech: “I think you’ll agree the bride and bridesmaids looked stunning.” Yes they did!

Parish priest Monsignor Turner was very welcoming, but of course we did our best to be as discreet and quiet as possible when taking photos during the service.

Wedding photos at Brocket Hall Golf Club

After the Mass we headed down the road to Brocket Hall for the reception, which was held in the Oak Room at Brocket Hall Golf Club. This gave everyone plenty of room to move and the guests were able to enjoy drinks on the terrace overlooking Broadwater Lake and the golf course.

Steve and I took the couple off for a short photo shoot in a couple of locations around the grounds, before everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast and speeches. The evening was rounded off by dancing, and a great time was had by all!

Brocket Hall is an excellent location for weddings – whether you prefer the elegance of the main House, or the more spacious surroundings of the Golf Club. There’s also the more intimate option of the Auberge du Lac restaurant if you don’t have as many guests. I always enjoy working at Brocket Hall, so if you’re thinking of having your reception there, please give me a call.

Oh yes and before I forget, here are some photos! 🙂
Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-001 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-002 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-003 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church Harpenden Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-005 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-006 the bride arrives at Our Lady of Lourdes church Harpenden Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-009 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-008 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-010 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-011 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-012 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-013 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-014 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-015 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-016 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-017 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-018 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-019 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-020 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-021 Confetti toss at Our Lady of Lourdes church Harpenden Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-023 bride and groom at Brocket Hall Golf club Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-025 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-026 Brocket Hall wedding photography bride and groom wedding group photo Brodwater Lake Brocket Hall golf club Brocket Hall wedding cake and flowers Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-031 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-032Guests at Brocket Hall Golf Club reception Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-035 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-036 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-037 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-038 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-039 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-040 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-041 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-042 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-043 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-044 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-045 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-046 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-047 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-048 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-049 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-050 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-051 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-052 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-053 first dance Brocket Hall golf club oak room Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-055 wedding guests dancing Brocket Hallgolf club oak room Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-057 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-058 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-059 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-060 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-061 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-062 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-063 Brocket-Hall-wedding-photography-064

Brocket Hall wedding photography by Chris Mann Photography