Brocket Hall Wedding Anniversary Party | Sue & Richard

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Brocket Hall Wedding Anniversary Party | Sue & Richard

Sue and Richard are passing the milestone of their 25th wedding anniversary this year, and decided to celebrate in style with a party for family and friends in the very elegant surroundings of Brocket Hall, a Regency mansion near Welwyn in Hertfordshire. They asked me to come along to create some family portraits for them and document the event…

As you will see from the photos, Sue did an amazing job with the flower arrangements (her specialty!) and they perfectly complemented Lord Melbourne’s dramatic 54-seater dining table in the Saloon.

Sue also had her wedding dress and that of one of her bridesmaids on display – very dramatic – it’s interesting how styles change over the years!

We decided to do the family group photos on the staircase, which enabled me to organise the groups using the stairs to get the guests at different heights so everyone could be seen.

Photos in Brocket Hall Gardens

Later on we went out into the grounds to get some individual photos with Sue, Richard and their two daughters – just as the sun emerged from the clouds!

It was a memorable occasion and I wish Sue & Richard all the best for the next 25 years!

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Wedding Anniversary Photography at Brocket Hall, Welwyn, Herts