Aviator Hotel wedding Farnborough

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Aviator Hotel Wedding Farnborough

I’ve photographed at lots of venues ranging from English country houses to London hotels to French mountain chapels to Caribbean beaches, but I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding at a venue quite like The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough, Hampshire.

Both inside and outside it has sweeping curves that seem to be both ultra-modern and have a touch of Thirties glamour as well.

Anyway it was the perfect location for S and J’s wedding (they’ve asked me to use their initials for privacy reasons).

S’s fabulous dress picked up the black and white colour scheme too. And with family and friends flying in from as far afield as Australia and the Middle East it was a suitably international affair. Plus I should give a big round of applause to S and J for their dancing skills – they had invested a lot of time and effort into learning a really skilful choreographed first dance, and it was a huge hit!

Photos? You want to see photos? Of course you do… Here’s a slideshow of some of my favourites, or scroll down if you’d rather look at them as individual stills.

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Aviator-hotel-wedding-001 Aviator-hotel-wedding-002 Aviator-hotel-wedding-003 Aviator-hotel-wedding-004

The civil wedding ceremony was held in the Wright Room:Aviator-hotel-wedding-005 Aviator-hotel-wedding-006 Aviator-hotel-wedding-007 Aviator-hotel-wedding-008 Aviator-hotel-wedding-009 Aviator-hotel-wedding-010

Somehow I don’t think S was expecting to have confetti thrown over her at this moment!Aviator-hotel-wedding-011

I gathered all the guests on the amazing staircase for the big group photo:Aviator-hotel-wedding-012 Aviator-hotel-wedding-013 Aviator-hotel-wedding-014 Aviator-hotel-wedding-015

After the family group photos it was time for some portraits with just the couple. I kept this very simple – mostly it was lit with just one flashgun off-camera on a light-stand:Aviator-hotel-wedding-016 Aviator-hotel-wedding-017 Aviator-hotel-wedding-018 Aviator-hotel-wedding-019 Aviator-hotel-wedding-020 Aviator-hotel-wedding-021 Aviator-hotel-wedding-022 Aviator-hotel-wedding-023

One of the things I enjoy most about photographing weddings is capturing candid moments during the reception:Aviator-hotel-wedding-024 Aviator-hotel-wedding-025 Aviator-hotel-wedding-026 Aviator-hotel-wedding-027 Aviator-hotel-wedding-028 Aviator-hotel-wedding-029

And to round the evening off there was that amazing choreographed first dance!Aviator-hotel-wedding-030 Aviator-hotel-wedding-031 Aviator-hotel-wedding-032 Aviator-hotel-wedding-033 Aviator-hotel-wedding-034 Aviator-hotel-wedding-035 Aviator-hotel-wedding-036

Aviator Hotel Wedding Farnborough photos by Chris Mann